April 18, 2020 @ 1:49 PM

While we know that everyone is getting tired of their inboxes being flooded with dozens of “Our Response to COVID-19 ….” emails, and likely bored with home confinement and self-quarantine, we did want to take a moment to update you on the status of Mystic Waters Fly Fishing, The Mystic Lodge, our team and the company in general. And since so many of us are now sitting at home staring at a screen all day, or finding other creative ways to pass the time, we thought you might indulge us for a somewhat lengthy and grim update on what is happening in Alaska and the fly fishing world, as well as our list for some ideas on how our company and industry might be able to survive this situation! 
There is no doubt that these are incredibly trying times for our small industry and for global travel in general. What we initially believed to be an overseas issue that would quickly pass has instead delivered chaos at home and effectively shut our state and country down. Things are likely to get worse for our industry in the weeks and months ahead, and we realize that the end results could be devastating. Our actions in the immediate future, however, can help. 
Our goal here at Mystic Waters is to do whatever it takes to survive this situation, and we realize that this will not be easy. As most of you know, we had the bulk of our season last summer wiped out from wildfires that cost us financially and almost wiped out our community of Cooper Landing. We have done everything possible to cut costs to stay afloat and are making some very difficult and painful decisions in order to survive and outlast this upheaval – realizing that it may be some time before people can actually get back to traveling and fly fishing with us again.