September 21, 2021 @ 3:43 PM

Fall on the Kenai River in Alaska is a bittersweet time.  Alaska summers are so busy, that it feels like they consume us. The season is frantic and it can wear you down but it goes by so fast.  It seemed like only yesterday, the Ruck’s rolled into Cooper Landing and had us out so early or late, that night and day were irrelevant. 


The Ruckus


Early Risers Get the Sockeye Salmon


Anna Grace was clearly worn out from early morning sockeye fishing. 


Skilak Lake Crossing after an early Salmon Fest


JoelZ returned with the family and they did their thing.



Salmon season is a frenzy, but Stacy manages to keep his cool and keep on keeping on.


Kenai River Guide


It helps when people are having fun!


Sockeye Salmon Run Kenai River



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