October 1, 2019 @ 7:38 AM

It's been tough pulling off fishing days on the water this season with the Swan Lake Fire knocking at the door and dense smoke ruining much of the window of opportunity.  So finding some nice fish before winter closes in sure feels good.  The Upper Kenai River and access through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is finally open including Jim's Landing and Upper Skilak Landing.

Fall 2019 Upper Kenai River Rainbow

"Big Bow" Cheryl and Frank Scheitler have been fishing with Mystic Waters for 20 years.  They were not going to miss out this season, despite having to wait until October to squeeze out a trip after the fire.

After the Swan Lake Fire, big rainbows as usual.

If you are hungering for some late season action. Stacy will be working the river as long as the weather lets him.&...

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