April 16, 2020 @ 9:59 AM

Have Faith In Fly Fishing
In these uncertain times, I'm thankful that I have fly fishing
Quote by Kirk Deeter from Angling Trade.

Fly fishing is inherently wonderful, and soothing to the soul, and beautiful in every way. And it has been a healing balm to millions of people, especially during or immediately following times of crises. Maybe the only thing I am sure about now is that people are going to want to fish, and they’re going to love it and appreciate it even more in the months and years ahead than they have in the past. Tap that, and we’re going to make it.

Some of us are fortunate to live in a places where I can still go fly fishing in the middle of a pandemic.  I know many other anglers are not so fortunate.  We are thinking about you and we will welcome you back in due time.

Stay safe and healthy until then and dream about tight lines!