June 22, 2019 @ 2:35 PM

Upper Kenai River Sockeye Salmon

Ken Sutton and sons Adam and Matt enjoyed their first trip to the Mystic Lodge.  They landed plenty of sockeye salmon on the Upper Kenai River.

There are a lot of Salmon this June

June 19, 2:58 PM Stacy says “Processors are overloaded, freezers are at capacity, no one can handle any more fish.”  That’s the bad news for anglers trying to get fish vacuum sealed and frozen in Cooper Landing, Alaska.  The good news is that the salmon are plentiful and the limit is high.  There is no need to kill your limit, especially if you don’t need or have a way to care for all those fish.  Make sure you take only what you need.  Anglers need to impose their own limits on how much they are actually going to use.  No good fish deserve to be wasted.

Salmon are fun

13 year old Anna Grace became a veteran in short order, landing salmon like a pro.

New Guide?

She also took over the boat from Stacy.  He thinks she has future guide potential. Look out Simmons.

Look behind you.

In Alaska its always a good idea to look behind you for creeping brown bears or creeping Stacy.

Kenai Canyon Rainbow Trout

Meade with a canyon beauty.

On the trout side of things, the early influx of biomass into the Upper Kenai River from sockeye salmon carcasses also creates a feast.  We expect to see plenty of fat healthy fish well ahead of the salmon spawning season.

It's quite a season so far.

Tight Lines!